Playing Nice

There’s been more than a bit of communications issues among people recently. This post has grown out of something that I was thinking about, and, rather than leave it hanging out there, with the potential for causing issues later, I decided to get this out in the open….and not targeted at any one specific person. Just something that I feel needs to be on the table.

I’m an attention-whore. We all know this. I enjoy being flirted with…I love the game, I love the attention, I love what Eddie Izzard calls the “flirty-flirty, swimmy-swimmy, splashy-splashy.”

That said, if you want to play, play nice. Please respect my partner.

Flirting and playing with me, while completely ignoring her presence? Not cool. Not a way to get on my good side….or hers.

If you want a relationship with me, you also have a relationship with my partner. It doesn’t have to be the same relationship, but there at least needs to be one. That’s only right.

Like I said — this isn’t targeted at any one specific person. I just wanted to have it known. is a wonderful partner, who is cool with how I want to be….and I’d rather not see her ever get hurt for being that open.