More on the CT Senate Primary….

Great blog entry on How DC Insiders and the Media will distort the lessons of Lamont’s campaign, whether he wins or loses.

Best line:

“We don’t want Democrats who can break bread with Republicans, we need Democrats who will cut their opponents balls off and serve them back to them on a platter.”

A-fucking-MEN. Stop showing up to a knife fight expecting a moderated debate. I’m tired of Dems “playing nice” while the Republicans haven’t for well over a decade now (at least).

As one of the commentors to the above-linked blog said: “Democrats have to learn you cannot be bipartisan with a party that will gut the Constitution to retain their grip on power.”

Keep Your Eye on Connecticut Today

Today in Connecticut, they’re having a Primary. Joe Lieberman is facing a challenge from the left — a large percentage of CT residents have decided that they’re tired of Lieberman’s support of the Iraq War and his parrotting support of the Bush Administration on a number of other issues, and so a political novice, Ned Lamont, is challenging him for the right to run for Senate in November…..and it looks like he might win.

This challenge from the Left is a display of the dissatisfaction that a lot of voters are feeling about not only the Bush Junta, but the spineless Democrats who refuse to oppose them. Naturally, the Conservatives are scared shitless about what this might signify — so they’ve cast this as “extremist Liberals, backed almost entirely by the moonbat Blogosphere, staging a revolt.” If Lamont wins, expect to hear the true significance of this — that voters have had enough of the direction this country is heading in, and are willing to call both Republicans *and* Democrats to the carpet for it — buried under a “extremist bloggers” storyline. Mark my words.

This should give you an idea of how scared the NeoCon Corporate Oligarchy is — two screen captures from their propoganda outlet, Fox News:

Check the crawl text and images.

Even bolder. They’re not even disguising it any more.

Think about that.

Think about what it means.