Help Shape The New Call of Cthulhu….

Pelgrane Press are creating a new version of Call of Cthulhu, written by Ken Hite, using a new system devised by Robin D Laws.

They’ve put up a survey, asking CoC players/gamemasters and fans of H.P. Lovecraft to give their opinions and help shape the new version.

2 Replies to “Help Shape The New Call of Cthulhu….”

  1. Too bad that in the updated Mythos personalities like Charles Dexter Ward, Pickman, and Crawford Tillingast can’t be replaced with the Pres, Cheney and Condaleeza, the individuals with their fingers most deply submerged into the streams of Elder God evil influence within our world.

  2. I really, really like the CoC system, so I’m wondering what they can do to improve upon it. The only thing that I think needs tweaking is insanity.

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