Foiled By McMedicine

Had my time wasted this morning.

For the first time in 3 1/2 years, I have medical insurance — so the plan was made to go to the doctor for a check-up, to kick off a habit of regular care. Good idea, in theory.

Unfortunately, the place where we went, Lawrence Family Practice, is what I like to refer to as a “McMedical Center” — a crowd of doctors sharing a facility, joint reception, etc.

‘s visit? Fine. Our appointments were at 10:45. She was called in, saw the doctor, went to have blood drawn, and was done.

Mine, on the other hand….I was called in about 5 minutes after her. I was then weighed and had my blood pressure checked. (weight creeping back up, after dropping 60 pounds in the last year. Need to get back to regular exercise, which I’ve slipped on in past months. Blood pressure fine). I was then told that the doctor would be “right with me.”

An hour and a half later, having not seen a doctor, I walked out to the waiting room, and informed that we were leaving.

The thing that really pisses me off is that the office wasn’t particularly busy. The waiting room was nearly empty.

I’ll be looking for another doctor….preferably one who doesn’t run their office like an assembly line.

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  1. I’ve gone to Lawrence Family Practice for years and have steadily become less and less pleased with their standard of care. I’m currently searching for a new doc. Let me know if you find a good one.

    You need to write them a letter. Not that I think it will help, alas. Their practice has gone downhill since they got rid of my favorite nurse practitioner.

  2. Now, escalate that by having that happen for every visit for say 18 months, while you have to sit with your wife who is in pain and seeing said doc for Workman’s Comp, and said doc doesn’t “believe” in myofascial trigger points (your speciality in massage therapy and what has helped relieve much of your wife’s pain), or “believe” in lodocaine patches (which the ER gave her last week and has help with some of the pain and allowed her to get moved around). She has another appointment with the asshat tomorrow, and she wants me to go with her again. The great thing about speaking medical jargon is that they can’t runaround us.

  3. Had my own difficulties yesterday with a nurse practitioner. I am going to write my doctor’s office a kiss my ass letter about her behavior, which included her arguing with me over a meds efficacy (so nice when practitioners don’t even read the fucking package inserts to know about failure rates and side effects of the fucking poison they are prescribing).

    To say that I was hot is a rank understatement. Good luck with finding a good practitioner. They do exist out there.


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