Recipe: Chicken Romano

Last night for dinner, I experimented, and came up with the following, which I dubbed “Chicken Romano” (which, I’m sure bears no resemblance to any real Chicken Romano recipes, but who cares):

I took three boneless skinless chicken breasts and sliced them in half, through the center of the breast (so that I ended up with two pieces of chicken the same size as the original breast, just thinner). I then pounded those flatter.

Taking each flattened piece, I sprinkled them on one side with garlic and onion powder, placed a small dab of butter in the center of the seasoned meat, and then several shaves of pecorino romano cheese. I then folded the chicken around the cheese-and-butter, creating an envelope by bringing in the sides, the top and the bottom “flaps”, and pinning the whole package with toothpicks.

I then dipped the chicken package in a wash of egg and milk, and then dredged in a combination of Italian seasoned breadcrumbs and flour.

In a sautee pan I heated about half-an-inch of oil, and then cooked the chicken for about 4-5 minutes, flipped the packages and cooked them 4 minutes on the other side. I then placed the finished chicken on a brown paper bag to wick off the excess oil, while made a package of Parmesan Noodles (Hooray for Lipton).

Chicken and noodles were served with wine. The crispy squares of chicken held a sauce in the center comprised of butter, garlic, onion, chicken juices and melted romano cheese.

Pretty damned good, if I say so myself.

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    After all, remember what Dr. Whertham said about Wonder Woman …

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