Friday Music

No music today, folks. I’ve been too busy this week to engage in my usual perusal of various mp3 blogs.

The general lack of comments on the posts recently have started me asking if it’s worth continuing — if you’re a fan of Friday Music, especially if you don’t usually post comments to this journal at all, I’d like to hear from you below. Should I keep this going?

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  1. I completely dig on your Friday music posts as they have opened my ears, so to speak, to genres of music that I would not have given a listen to otherwise. Although I don’t always have time to comment on them (and what comment could I make other than “I really loved this one or that one” or “not so much” on the others), I do listen to them every week.


  2. i rarely ever comment but listen to at least half of the friday music selection, including genres i never think i’d be interested in. but they always stun me! sometimes i’m inspired to look up further tracks by the artists, too.

  3. I’m sorry that I suck at commenting but I continue to keep all the tracks I grab in it’s own little folder so that they’re easy to access.

    My musical scope wouldn’t be the same without Friday Music. Maybe fewer tracks? Maybe only every other week? Just to keep it easier for you.

  4. I agree with the masses here. Keep on going with the Friday music! Fewer tracks if you must, but it IS a cool thing to have available on Friday and your effort IS appreciated.

  5. I don’t comment (much). But I have found I so dig on mashups that I am looking forward to the Friday Musics nowadays. If it’s not an imposition, I would request they continue.

  6. Long time listener, first time commenter?

    Love the friday music posts, they are great music
    filtered by somone who knows what he likes.

    If you have the spare time, keep them coming!

  7. I look forward to the Friday Music posts. Not only do I hear familiar music I rarely hear elsewhere anymore, but music I probably wouldn’t hear at all, since I just don’t go looking for new stuff myself.

  8. I found you through a mutual aquaintence Angus and have very much enjoyed reading your journal, both your political stuff and especially the Friday music, my taste in music seems to be broadly similar to yours, and over the last few months have discovered and enjoyed several new artists and tracks that might otherwise have passed me by.

    If you do decide to pack it all in, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all you have done in the past.

  9. (Hey – Hi Dan! :p)

    I’d also like to say that I always check to see what you post up and suggest in the Friday music column. As you know from some of our chats both online and in person I’m a big music lover of all genres and always like discovering new material (and rediscovering old long forgotten favourites).

    Please keep it up if you have the time. It’s most appreciated!

  10. Apologies for the all the lurking I’ve been doing. The fact is that your Friday posts have contributed to more of my CD purchases than all the other mp3 blogs combined – your tastes tend to match or exceed my own. Plus your electronica kicks serious ass. Please continue the posts for as long as you can, they are great fun for me.

    Er… as long as I’m delurking… are you still working on Heroes of the New Wave?

    Again, thanks for all the thankless work!

  11. I know I am rarely on LJ these days, and even more rare is the post from me. However, when I do make it on, your is one of the journals I tend not to skim over, but rather take a moment to digest what you write. I do enjoy the Friday music posts when I get to them, and even though I can’t listen to them on the spot, I enjoy reading about how you came across the music. :) My vote is YES, keep them going, hon.

  12. I don’t always hear something I like, but sometimes there are tracks I really dig. Later, when asks, "What is this song we’re listening to?" I’ll even remember, "Oh, this is something Skarka recommended on his LJ."

  13. Man your cutting me off? I am going to be face down in a gutter by morning after downloading all the free emo from iTunes!

    I have gotten to where my Fridays are really busy so I have not been listening until Saturday and at that point, I hate to comment.

    You wouldn’t like me without my music fix…


  14. I dig the stuff you put up, especially because a fair amount of it’s stuff I wouldn’t ordinarily encounter. Keep it going, man.

  15. Last night I was thinking, “It’s Thursday – only one more day till Friday Music!”

    I discovered Friday Music when you posted all the New Wave music in September, and have been listening to it ever since. I’ve heard a lot of music that I would never have come across otherwise, and sincerely hope you’re able to continue it.

    If you want more comments, just ask – you don’t need to threaten us!

  16. You don’t know me, but you’ve introduced me to no small number of bands that I’ve since gone on to purchase either MP3s or CDs of.

    I’d appreciate if you would continue to do the Friday Music thing.


  17. Bring it on…

    I like the varied selection of music and it’s also a way for me, in Europe, to learn about some American groups/bands/performers.

    So… Bring it on!

  18. I never comment on here, but love the Friday music. It is showing me a lot of stuff I would never have found before, and will definitely be influencing future music purchases.

  19. FWIW, I am a fan of Friday Music. You’ve introduced me to some nifty stuff over the past year. I don’t normally comment, but it is appreciated.

  20. I used to be able to listen more (and I think I commented) but lately my officemates have been in the office nearly all 9 hours of the day. I haven’t had a chance to listen as much of late. =(

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