Very busy with work (major sale this weekend, major product release soon after)….so, nothing to submit to writing group, AGAIN. I need to get into a schedule and quit “prioritizing” — the fiction always gets shunted to the bottom of the pile. There’s always something else that needs doing.

Not attending the KCRF kick-off tonight. I won’t be performing, due to the no-exposure-if-I-can-at-all-help-it mandate from my doctors. Thought about going to see folks that I don’t usually see, and let them know what’s up….but that’s not going to happen. The presence of a friend whom I’ve alienated, and who apparently no longer considers me “a person” would make that far too uncomfortable. Additional stress is not recommended.

Generally feeling isolated and depressed. Far too common this year.

DV Rebel’s Guide

I’m currently reading this:

Very nifty stuff. A 300+ page book filled with direct how-to on Rodriguez-style DV filming, including a DVD-ROM filled with supplemental chapters in PDF and complete Adobe AfterEffects plug-ins for digitally-inserted muzzle flashes, ejecting brass and more.

Real nuts-and-bolts stuff, instead of theory. Fascinating, and more than a bit inspirational. Click the cover for more info.

Several cinematic concepts drifting through my skull that I might explore eventually — a 30s pulp piece, digitally graded so that it looks period; a good old-fashioned space opera; or my western-wuxia mix.

Funny enough, special effects have gotten so do-able via digital tech that my main concern isn’t the effects anymore — it’s the sets and locations (although a lot of that can be green-screened ala Sin City, but even that requires a large studio set to pull off well….).