Not what you want to hear your doctor say….

I have a mole on my leg (since birth) that has changed over the past 6-7 months. I had it checked out today, and the doctor said that it might be a melanoma. My family has a history. I’m supposed to call the specialist first thing on Monday morning, to go and get a biopsy done this week.

Worst case, I go in for surgery to have it removed ASAP, along with exploratory to make sure it hasn’t involved the lymph nodes as well. Always best to plan for the worst case.

Best case — my father just told me that he’s had something similar on his calf (a mole that changed, and he describes the appearance as pretty much exactly what I’ve got), which he’s had checked regularly since 2002 or so, which 3 different dermitologists have told him is non-cancerous (his current derm in Maine jokingly refers to it as a “barnacle”).

Nothing like a little bit of terror for your weekend.

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  1. Oh…I can well understand that it would be very, very scary for you.

    It is good that you got it checked out, so many people don’t manage to do that and don’t catch problems before it’s beyond help.

    Do what you can to assume it is not a problem until they specifically tell you “it IS melanoma”. The hardest part about these sorts of experience is the waiting for diagnosis one way or another. If it isn’t, it will continue to be watched. If it is, then you will have a specific path to follow, and actions feel so much better than waiting.

    You will remain in my thoughts until you let us know the outcome of your biopsy. If there is anything at all that I or can do to ease the period until then, please call on us.

    We’ve got your back, you know.


  2. Been there done that

    Sean just went through this in November. We didn’t tell a lot of folks but he had a mole on his arm that was melanoma and it had to be removed along with a lymph node. He has a nice 7 inch scar on this bicep now but the good news is that they seemed to have gotten all the malignancy. So know that we deeply understand your stress right now. If there is any info you want, believe me we have it now. It is good that you got it looked. Know they are very successful in getting these things taken care of. We wish you the best.

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