No Support for Surge? No Problem….

What do you do if you’re Bush, and you know that even hardcore, American Taliban conservatives are against your proposed escalation of the war in Iraq?

What do you do when you’ve got no support left?

That’s easy — You start a war with Iran.

American forces just stormed the Iranian Consulate in Irbil, Iraq, and have taken six staff captive. Rice has announced that the US will take action against any country seeking to destabilise Iraq.

Holy shit.

20 Replies to “No Support for Surge? No Problem….”

  1. Holy effing cow.

    I’m also disturbed that you had to link to articles on the BBC site. I haven’t yet checked US “news” but I’m assuming that no one here is reporting any of this.

  2. It’s amazing how we spin stories – check out CNN’s downplaying.

    “But the official disputes accounts from Iran that the troops broke open a consulate gate and conducted a raid.

    “No shots were fired. No altercation ensued,” the U.S. official. “It was a knock on the door and ‘Please come out.'”

  3. Whyyyy?! Ugh! How can someone who claims to be so full of “family values” set out to deliberately obliterate every family on the planet?

  4. Last time I checked, an air assault team repelling onto the roof with automatic weapons isn’t a “knock on the door.”

    If it is, remind me to never ask the U.S. government to come to one of my parties and just “knock on the door” to come in.

  5. Re: Rice has announced that the US will take action against any country seeking to destabilise Iraq …um, does that mean it will take action against itself? ‘Cause, brother, we’re the biggest destabilizing force over there.

  6. Not to downplay anything her, but a consulate is not an embassy so technically it was not an act of war. It is pretty damn close and really disgusting.

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