As of today, I have successfully raised an adult human.

Today is The Minion’s 18th birthday. My mind still boggles.

We’ll be hitting her with the big present when comes home from work. Thanks to everyone who participated! With the package deals that were available, we got a lot more than she’s expecting. She’s going to lose her mind!

The “gift” from her mother arrived today — a “birthday bag” from, with candy and snacks in it. For her oldest daughter’s 18th birthday. When she and her S.O. have a six-figure income. Unbe-fucking-lievable. She’s still punishing the Minion for daring to choose to live with me 7 years ago.

Ah well — we shall do our best to make sure that The Minion has a great day.

I’m proud as hell of how she’s turned out, and she knows it.

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