Odd Juxtapositions….

Odd night this past Saturday.

First, I got to watch KU’s undefeated football season come to an end on national television, at the hands of rival Missouri. I figured the whole “Cinderella Season” thing was likely to be ended eventually, but it was a real kick in the teeth to have them play their worst game ever while the whole country was watching, and while playing against Mizzou.

This overlapped the broadcast of Battlestar Galactica: Razor, so I decided to stay awake until the later rebroadcast on Sci-Fi. In the interim, I caught the inaugural showing of the 1954 classic White Christmas, which, I will whole-heartedly admit, is one of my favorites (largely due to the presence of Vera Ellen. I mean, dude — come on!).

From holiday warm fuzzies, I then watched BSG: Razor.

I’ll say this much about it: At least it managed to avoid the shark-jumping mystic hoobajoo destiny-and-prophecy crap from the last season….until the final minutes.

For the plot itself? hit the nail on the head for me: “Mary Sue is sad because nobody understands how cool the SS was. Later she dies and her CO gives her a medal for having Nazi discipline, right to the end.”

Yeah, pretty much.

I mean, I get the whole “let’s show everything in shades of grey” thing, but it’s a fairly sad commentary on our current society that “I was just following orders, and we do what we have to do” is presented as even remotely a noble thing.