So, I decided that follow-through, as I said in the post below, is one of my biggest problems….but I’m also not happy with the work I did this weekend.

So, I’m addressing both problems at once. I’ve returned to work on an earlier project, rather than start something new. It allows me to follow through on that earlier project, while at the same time abandoning the unsatisfying work that was bugging me.

Revised word count progress:

5580 / 50000 words. 11.16% done!


No worse feeling in the world than looking at 3K words written over the weekend, and coming to the distinct realization that you’re not at all happy with any of it. Worse yet: It bores you.


I know the goal is to overcome one’s “inner critic” and plow through until completion, but ferchrissakes, how are you supposed to generate any bloody enthusiasm to put words on page if you don’t like what you’ve done?

On the other hand, “starting something new” is a life-long failing of mine. I’m great at starting. Not so much with the follow-through.