Election Observation

The more I read, the more Clinton supporters I see bringing out the “gender card” — as if Obama’s momentum is just another win for the “patriarchy”, and is entirely due to people not wanting a woman as president.


If anything, I see it as a step forward — that people are willing to turn their backs on an unlikeable establishment-planned candidate with a padded resume, in spite of the fact that she’s a woman. That, in other words, her gender isn’t buying her any special consideration.

I would love to see a woman as president. It’s a crying shame that the woman in the best position to run right now is somebody so singularly wrong for the job.

I’m reminded of a quip from Dennis Miller, back in the days when he anchored SNL’s Weekend Update (before he lost his mind and decided to become the world’s first NeoCon commedian). During the hullaballo over 2Live Crew’s “Me So Horny”, he said — “I understand that this is a critically-important fight over free speech…..but if we were going to have to ‘go to the wall’ on this issue, couldn’t it have been for a better album?”

Anyway — when Clinton loses New Hampshire (which I expect will happen–Obama’s got a double-digit lead, according to the latest CNN poll), expect her to more blatantly play the gender and victim tactic, as her campaign gets more desperate.