Dumbass Watch

MSNBC: Bush calls for end of ‘occupation’ of Arab lands.

(but only by the Israelis, of course.)

Does anybody else get the feeling that he’s being dangled out there now, in the hopes that some terrorist takes a shot at him, allowing the Republicans to run on the ‘fear of terrorism’ platform again? I mean, fer chrissakes, 8 years in office, and this is his first visit to Israel…..

Gaslight Justice League

(Seen on ‘s journal)

Check this page out. A guy has made custom action figures of the Justice League, as they’d appear in the Victorian era.

This is of particular interest to me, since Adamant is going to be releasing a M&M Superlink sourcebook later this year called GASLIGHT GUARDIANS, dealing with this very topic.

Interesting and More Than A Bit Disturbing

A blogger does some research — easily replicated — and discovers a statistical oddity in the NH Primary.

In districts that use hand-counting of ballots, Obama ended up with a 7.5% advantage. In districts using Diebold’s notorious “Accuvote” machines, Clinton ended up with a 5.5% advantage. If you apply the hand-count rate to the entire state, Obama would have won with a lead near to what the polls, exit interviews and such were claiming.

Hanky panky? Or just wonky machines? Who knows — regardless of the reason, there’s certainly been enough evidence presented over the past 4 years to indicate that the Diebold voting machines are unreliable — not only prone to error, but also easily hacked. And yet, they’re still in use.

EDIT, FOR THOSE WHO HAVEN’T YET FIGURED IT OUT: The thesis statement of this post is the final paragraph. I’m not shouting “tampering!!” I think that if anything, this points (yet again) to the need to use only verifiable paper balloting.