Low-Context Geek Reference Shirts….

My starfighter shirts have been somewhat popular, which got me thinking.

I’m considering launching a CafePress-based store which would concentrate on similar low-context geek references. The kind of stuff that you “get” only if you’re a fan.

I’m thinking about the winged BB logo (from the front of the tour bus), or the “Rocket 88” jetcar logo. Maybe a business logo for Lao Che Air Freight (several folks have already done this one). Network XXIII logo, maybe?

What kind of stuff have you always wanted to see on a shirt? I’m open to suggestions.

Republicans Voting For Hillary

There had been some anecdotal reports of this, but Rush Limbaugh has now come right out and urged it, publicly. Republicans, aware that Clinton represents their best shot at winning in November, are voting for her.

Think about that — especially if you’re reading this in Ohio and Texas today. DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

Even if they can’t manage to get her the nomination (which seems mathematically unlikely) — they can keep the Democrats involved in a bitter, potentially party-destroying nomination fight for another month or more — during which time McCain essentially runs for President unopposed.

Don’t let this happen, Texas and Ohio. Do the right thing.

Gary Gygax, R.I.P.

The news is coming down from various sources that Gary Gygax has passed away.

Gary and I disagreed on some things, and debated occasionally over the years via industry mailing lists, but I never forgot that he was responsible for my chosen career, and I am thankful that I had the opportunity to tell him so in person.

Farewell, Seeker.