Excuse Me?

Hillary Clinton, in an exclusive interview, comments on the growing possibily of “do-over” caucuses in Florida and Michigan: “I would not accept a caucus. “

Who the hell does she think she is?

Millions of voters STAYED HOME, because they knew their votes would not be valid. And she’s bitching about disenfranchising those who chose to ignore the rules and vote anyway? Somebody needs to sit her down and explain to her that she’s only a candidate — she’s not the President. She doesn’t get to “not accept” if the DNC chooses to hold actual, accredited votes in those states.

I cannot believe this shit.

Friday Music

Off we go again….

UNKLE is releasing More Stories, a collection of tracks from the sessions of their last album, War Stories, that didn’t make the cut. The first track has leaked, and is brilliant. I suspect this collection of almost-made-its will be better than most other bands’ actual albums. UNKLE – “A Wash of Black.”

Here’s some more Bondian trip-hop from the Supreme Beings of Leisure’s new album, 11i. I’m loving this album. Supreme Beings of Leisure – “Pieces.”

A track from my past — in 1986, my friends and I were weirdos, because we listened to “college music”….including experimental industrial from West Germany: Einsturzende Neubauten – “Yü-Gung (Fütter mein Ego)”

Which, of course, isn’t to say that we didn’t also enjoy the odder side of pop music….for example: The Art of Noise – “Peter Gunn Theme (The Twang Mix)”

Some more Mark Ronson goodness, this time featuring Lily Allen (who, interesting enough is the daughter of the guy playing the Sheriff of Nottingham in the awful new “Robin Hood” series) doing a Kaiser Chefs song: Mark Ronson ft. Lilly Allen – “Oh My God.”

Some really interesting new rock from a New York-based guitarist and songwriter, from her debut album In Advance of the Broken Arm: Marnie Stern – “Every Single Line Means Something.”

Lastly, a little-known album cut from Duran Duran, from 1988’s Big Thing. For me, it was tracks like these, rather than the singles, were the band really shined….and this is one of my favorites: Duran Duran – “Too Late Marlene.”

There you go. Enjoy.