Venture 4th Adventures

I posted this announcement on the Adamant LJ, but that’s announcement-only, so I figured that I’d repeat it here:

Adamant Entertainment’s previously-announced product line, Venture 4th, is being expanded! Not only will the line offer printable game tiles for use in fantasy campaigns, but starting in July it will also feature adventures usable with 4E!

The first Venture 4th adventure, Scourge of the Ratmen— for characters of levels 1-3– will be released in early July, in PDF and in Print. The overall Venture 4th line will launch this week with the release of Ice River Battle–a set of game tiles depicting a unique encounter location, available at RPGNow and DriveThruRPG.

This July — Declare Your Independence! Venture 4th!

Freelancers interested in contributing to the Venture 4th line should contact Adamant Entertainment at

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