Friday Music (Special Holiday Edition)

Since tomorrow is Safe Non-Threatening Rebellion By Blowing Up Fireworks Even Though They’re Technically Illegal In Many Municipalities Day, and most Americans have the day off…..that sorta makes today Friday.

So, this week’s music:

First up, the only vaguely themed entry. A look at the immigrant’s experience — specifically Irish expats living in NYC (and bearing no relation to the James Brown track of the same name): Black 47 – “Livin’ in America.”

Caught The Wicker Man on the telly a few days back. Not the laughable abomination that is the Nick Cage totally-missing-the-point “remake”, but the brilliant 1973 original that mixed mystery, horror, sociology and…oddly…musical. I’ve always loved the music in that film, and so I finally tracked down the soundtrack. Here’s my favorite track, the opening theme — based on a Bobby Burns poem: Paul Giovanni – “Corn Rigs.”

Last weekend, and I also saw Wanted, and loved it. Great cast, John Woo-on-Meth bullet-fu…and a score by Danny Elfman, including a brand new single from the former Oingo Boingo frontman! Danny Elfman – “The Little Things.”

A track from steampunk band Abney Park’s latest album. Extremely goofy, but I like it bunches: Abney Park – “Airship Pirate.”

One of my favorite tracks from the previous decade: James – “Laid.”

Lastly, for those of you who caught the Euro2008 final last Sunday, this is the Official Song ™ that was peformed during the opening ceremony. I found myself really liking it, so I went hunting the next day and tracked it down. Enrique Eglesias – “Can You Hear Me (Euro 2008).”

OK, I lied. I’ll close with another sorta-kinda holiday themed track. An absolute cheese-fest from 1986, but a song that never fails to cheer me up when I hear it, mostly out of memories of the film where it was used (Running Scared): Michael McDonald – “Sweet Freedom.”

Enjoy, folks.

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