Personal Platinum Consulting

I’m considering starting up my consulting gig again, offering personalized one-on-one consulting services to games publishers — rather than one-size-fits-all advice essay products.

I’m a 20-year industry veteran with experience in all tiers, a top 3% platinum publisher on the OBS sites, and have been covered by the Associated Press in articles about electronic publishing featured in the Washington Post, CNN/Money, The London Times, and more.

The consulting contract would entitle you to conference calls (phone or Skype), emails, etc., answering whatever questions you have; whatever advice you require, full marketing and/or business plans, etc — in short, you get me “on staff”, to pick my brain, as much as you want, specific to your company’s needs, for the entire period of the contract (ranging from one week to 3 months).

Interested publishers should contact me via email at, and we can discuss further. I’ll also be attending GenCon and will be available for meetings there.

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