Ghostbusters 3!

Variety is reporting that Columbia has assigned the executive producers of “The Office” (Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky) to write a script for a film that would reunite the original cast.

Here’s hoping…..

A couple of political nuggets…..

Some things which haven’t yet gotten a lot of national exposure, that I thought you might find interesting:

First up: earlier this week the McCain campaign threatened to sue The National Enquirer, because the tabloid printed a teaser alleging that Gov. Sarah Palin has had an extramarital affair with her husband’s business partner. The Enquirer has also promised a larger report next week.

In the sad state of our nation’s journalism, it’s fallen to the tabloids to do actual reporting — the corporate media has abdicated any investigative responsibility, and rags like The Enquirer are getting an air of almost-respectability because they’re breaking stories that the mainstream media is then forced to scramble over. (The Edwards thing, for example.)

It would be all too easy to dismiss this as tabloid crap, and a cheap smear….except that today, Todd Palin’s former business partner has filed an emergency motion in an Alaska court to have his divorce papers sealed. Ruh-roh, Raggy!

Second bit of oddness: McCain’s speech last night featured what looked like the same sickly green background he used in earlier addresses for the first part of the speech. However, the unseen wide shot shows that it wasn’t the awful background — it was an image:

What’s the image? Why, Walter Reed of course.

You know, as in “Walter Reed VA Medical Center.” Very important image to show, related to health care, the troops, etc…..

Except that’s not it.

That’s the Walter Reed Middle School in North Hollywood, California. The McCain camp, naturally, are refusing to comment.

There’s this thing, y’see, called the internet — it lets you do research. You might have used it when prepping the most important speech of your campaign….or y’know, when you were supposedly vetting your Dominionist VP.


Friday Music

Back after a brief hiatus….

First up — for ‘s birthday, one of her favorite Duran Duran b-sides. This was from the recording sessions of Seven and the Ragged Tiger — and, unlike a lot of b-sides, is a song that they sometimes perform in concert (I’m fairly sure we saw them do this in Jones Beach, NY in 99). Duran Duran – “Secret Oktober.”

Another track she (and I) both like — which we were reminded of as we watched a retrospective on “The Prince of Paisley Park” last night on VH1. From the glory days before he went all God Warrior on us. Prince – “Raspberry Beret.”

A while back I posted tracks from Bitter:Sweet (“The Mating Game”, for example — the track used in the Korbel ads). They’ve got a new album out, and it’s just as good. Swingy, retro-electronica/trip-hop kinda stuff, as usual. LOVE IT. Bitter:Sweet – “The Bomb.”

Brought to my attention by , here’s some seriously hard, seriously loud and (thank god) seriously POLITICAL metal. Seriously. Plus, fronted by a woman who (thankfully) keeps the Cookie-Monster-Voice roaring to a minimum. Otep – “Confrontation.”

A track we heard on the way back from The Minion’s college, on one of the area college stations. I had no idea that the band was a side project of Jack White from The White Stripes — I only had a snippet of remembered lyrics to track down the song — but now I’ve definitely got to hear more. The Raconteurs – “Level.”

Another track from the same station, during the same set. Again, I tracked it down by lyrics. I love the internet. MGMT – “Electric Feel.”

Enjoy, and remember the usual caveat: If a link gives you trouble, try copy-and-paste.