Friday Music

Back after a brief hiatus….

First up — for ‘s birthday, one of her favorite Duran Duran b-sides. This was from the recording sessions of Seven and the Ragged Tiger — and, unlike a lot of b-sides, is a song that they sometimes perform in concert (I’m fairly sure we saw them do this in Jones Beach, NY in 99). Duran Duran – “Secret Oktober.”

Another track she (and I) both like — which we were reminded of as we watched a retrospective on “The Prince of Paisley Park” last night on VH1. From the glory days before he went all God Warrior on us. Prince – “Raspberry Beret.”

A while back I posted tracks from Bitter:Sweet (“The Mating Game”, for example — the track used in the Korbel ads). They’ve got a new album out, and it’s just as good. Swingy, retro-electronica/trip-hop kinda stuff, as usual. LOVE IT. Bitter:Sweet – “The Bomb.”

Brought to my attention by , here’s some seriously hard, seriously loud and (thank god) seriously POLITICAL metal. Seriously. Plus, fronted by a woman who (thankfully) keeps the Cookie-Monster-Voice roaring to a minimum. Otep – “Confrontation.”

A track we heard on the way back from The Minion’s college, on one of the area college stations. I had no idea that the band was a side project of Jack White from The White Stripes — I only had a snippet of remembered lyrics to track down the song — but now I’ve definitely got to hear more. The Raconteurs – “Level.”

Another track from the same station, during the same set. Again, I tracked it down by lyrics. I love the internet. MGMT – “Electric Feel.”

Enjoy, and remember the usual caveat: If a link gives you trouble, try copy-and-paste.

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