Musical Bliss: LOTR

My latest acquisition:

The Lord of the Rings: The Complete Recordings.

Every second of every bit of music recorded for the film trilogy. Over 9 hours of music.

It certainly helps when I’m working on 4E stuff for Adamant….

Anyway — *strongly* recommended. If you haven’t managed to pick up any of Howard Shore’s soundtracks from the films — get these. Hell, even if you had — like me — picked up all of the previous albums, this is still worth it, for the material from the extended editions.

Makes me miss 2001-2003, when the holiday season meant the release of a new LOTR movie, and all of the related stuff (books, games, music, etc.). I haven’t watched the films in a long, long time. Too long, in fact. I should get some folks together and address that.

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