[Filtered Post] Writing Group?

If you can see this post, it’s because you’re a writer whose ability I respect.

Now that the flattery is out of the way… :)

I’m wanting to put together a writing group. I find that I really appreciate the structure of a writing group, to help me with my output — it’s much harder to shelf something in favor of day-job writing, when I have a writing group deadline to meet. Plus, I get a great deal of inspiration and assistance from the feedback that a group provides.

Due to our varied locations, this would by necessity be an internet-based group. Communications via email (most likely setting up a google group or something similar).

We could, if folks are interested, also perhaps start a public component –like the original Clockwork Storybook efforts by Chris Robeson and Bill Willingham (although without the shared world element), or the current Merry Sisters of Fate with Maggie Stiefvater et. al. A place where we can post excerpts or short exercise works, which would serve as an additional source of feedback, as well as perhaps a bit of fanbase-creation and marketing (remember that sold Lies of Locke Lamora after he had posted bits of it to his blog….every little bit helps!).

Anyway — if you’re interested, let’s talk further. I’m serious about this.

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