Well, It Finally Happened…

I’ve been expecting it since getting back on to RPGnet last year, and now it’s happened — an assclown who I used to flame with constantly back in 2003 has decided that 6 years isn’t too long to hold a grudge, and has decided to attack me.

The assclown in question is Jay Libby, who used to post as “Dilly Green Bean Games” and now posts from a new account (iNDiJay), who has decided to use the current more-heavily-moderated environment to skirt along the edge of the site guidelines by going into my thread announcing my Consultancy for publishers, and insinuating that it’s a scam.

Y’know — to “make sure that newbies don’t get shafted.” Not, of course, that he’s saying I’m scamming. Nossir. That would be against the rules, y’see.

He was a part-time wanna-be dipshit in 2002, and apparently now he’s a part-time wanna-be dipshit with 6 additional years of dipshittery under his belt.

Honestly, I’m surprised that it took this long for one of the little cunts to take a swipe at me.

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