Emilie Autumn

Went to the Emilie Autumn show at the Granada Theater here in Lawrence last night, accompanied by the_themiscyran and, as a last-minute addition, Dotta Numba 2.

Great show — As a fan of her music, I knew what I was going to hear, but I didn’t expect what I was going to see. Ms. Autumn and her 4 “Bloody Crumpets” (Captain Maggot, Naughty Veronica, Aprella the Murderess and the Blessed Contessa) put on a full-blown steampunk cabaret, with improv, aerial acrobatics, fire dancing, costume changes, ribbon dancing… and tea.

There are already a couple of Youtube clips from last night’s show:

First up, my favorite instrumental, “Unlaced” (a piece for synth, harpsichord, electric violin… and, of course, canes and stilt-walking):

(Trust me – the video says the song is “Manic Depression”, but it’s “Unlaced.”)

and the remix song that she’s got on the soundtrack to “Saw IV”, “Dead Is The New Alive (Manipulator Mix)”, which features some fire-eating from The Contessa and some brilliant fire-hoop dancing from Captain Maggot:

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