Friday Music

Sorry I’m a bit late today — busy, busy, busy.

Picked up the new Brian Setzer album, Songs from Lonely Avenue — which Setzer describes as a soundtrack to a film noir that hasn’t been made yet. Good stuff, as always. A lot of it is very appropriate to the period he’s looking to evoke. For example the following: Brian Setzer Orchestra – “Kiss Me Deadly.”

There are a few tracks which are out of place for the stated theme, but still amazing. There’s a pair of songs in the middle of the album — the first, “Mr. Jazzy Goes Surfin'” is a great bit of jazz guitar, which, as you might imagine, takes a turn towards traditional surf guitar towards the end. Quite fun. Even better, though, is it’s mate in the pair, which uses some of the same melodies, but in an entirely surf-oriented style. This is easily my favorite track on the album — and some of the hottest stuff that Setzer’s ever done. Plus the opening has a real “Courageous Cat & Minute Mouse” vibe to it (for those old enough to remember)…. Brian Setzer Orchestra – “Mr. Surfer Goes Jazzin’.”

The new HTC cellphone ads use one of my favorite tracks — a house remix of a classic soul tune by Nina Simone, the “High Priestess of Soul.” She’s been a favorite of hip-hop and electronic producers, and has been the subject of entire albums of remixes. Nina Simone – “Sinnerman (Felix da Housecat Heavenly House Mix).”

My friend Scott quoted lyrics from this song on Facebook this week, which reminded me how much I liked it. From the 1992 album Us: Peter Gabriel – “Steam.”

For Dotta Numba Two, by request. We’re introducing her to Firefly — she’s hooked, of course. It’s been years since I’ve watched them, and I’m glad to find that they really hold up. Sonny Rhodes – “The Ballad of Serenity (Theme from Firefly).”

This came up on iTunes shuffle for the first time in years. It’s one of my guilty pleasures. The soundtrack to early adolescence on turn-of-the-80s Long Island: Zebra – “Tell Me What You Want.”

And, lastly, the best use of Star Trek samples in a pop song, EVER. Information Society – “What’s On Your Mind (Pure Energy).”

There you go, kids.


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