GenCon 2010, via Context-Free Quotes

  • “God bless consumer confidence.”
  • “Drink your Weak Lemon Drink!”
  • “Send the sober one for towels.”
  • “Why can’t geek girls wear pants? Games are about acquisition of stuff. Some of that stuff could be PANTS.”
  • “We’re bypassing the middle-man “books”, and selling pretension directly to the consumer.”
  • “I know, I know — the games aren’t more fun in his room.”
  • “The laser-hair-removal booth chick looks like she lost a bet.”
  • “…and now, for today’s exciting round of “Are You Fucking Kidding Me…””
  • “I heard her describe us as her ‘booth partners’ and her ‘printers.’ I’m not entirely sure she’s quite got the jist of this relationship.”
  • “Your father head-butts people on the internet.”
  • “That’s three Ennies. Are we rock stars yet?”
  • “Let me guess — you’ve got a portrait in an attic somewhere, don’t you….”
  • “I think we’ve moved on from “is wearing my Ennies medal a bit naff” to “exactly how naff is it?”
  • “Why was he at the line meeting?” “I thought you invited him.” “….um, NO…”
  • “One drink and I’m buzzing? What the hell… Oh yeah. I forgot about the Vicodin…”
  • “I’ll talk to you. You look sane.”

….and many, many more.

Helluva show. Now back to work. Feel free to add more context-free quotes via comments!

4 Replies to “GenCon 2010, via Context-Free Quotes”

  1. “How is this fantasy roleplaying game different from all other fantasy roleplaying games?” “Yeah, you wanna talk to this guy.” (“this guy” being me)

    “Do the demo girls also pop Out of the Box?”

    “You think she dresses like that for the attention?” “No, I’m sure she wears skin-tight, black PVC suits to the supermarket at home.”

    “Seriously, she might as well go out naked and be done with it.”

    “I think White Wolf is selling the WoD Lifestyle with that booth.” “But can I download it?”

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