Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt

c63a3bc9cb626e9d33671ba9fe78ea291455257069_largeOh my. Another new GUNDAM.

This one is “Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt” — a story taking place in the main Universal Century timeline (my preferred, concurrent with the events of the first series, but in an area called the “Thunderbolt Zone” — a debris field made of the wreckage of orbital colonies destroyed in the war, which is constantly filled with electrical discharges (hence the name). The soundtrack (and a lot of the show’s thematic elements) is jazz-based.

It’s an “ONA” (Original Net Animation) — the 21st century equivalent of the created-in-the-80s “OVA” (Original Video Animation): Shows which are not theatrical releases, nor broadcast, but created directly for the audience (on VHS in the 80s, and streaming in the 2010s).

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