Star Trek: Vanguard

A Wallpaper Image of the Star Trek Vanguard cover art.

A Wallpaper Image of the Star Trek Vanguard cover art.Hey there, fellow Trek fans!

I stumbled across this today, and I’m sure some of you will be interested. If you haven’t had a chance to read the 9-book Star Trek: Vanguard novel series (published from 2005-2012), now’s your chance! The entire series is currently for sale in Kindle format for 99 cents each!

If you’re not familiar, Star Trek: Vanguard could basically be elevator-pitched as “Deep Space Nine, but during the Original Series era” — but it was way more than that. It centers around Federation Starbase 47, known as “Vanguard”, which serves as the sector support facility for an area of space known as the Taurus Reach, as well as the center of operations for a secret scientific mission surrounding the discovery of the “Taurus Meta-Genome”, genetically engineered DNA discovered recently within the Reach.

The novels center on the command staff of Vanguard, the three starships permanently assigned to the station, as well as civilians and non-Federation personnel. It’s a large cast, with a ton of character-driven storylines, and frankly is one of the best iterations of Trek out there, in my opinion.

Click on the covers below to be taken to the individual books’ product pages on Amazon, and grab these while the deal is available!