Fort Sumter Was Months Ago.

If Trump fires Mueller, it will not be time for marching. It will not be time for flooding the phones. It will not be time for protest.

It will be time for civil war.

You’d better get used to that idea now.

I’m sure you’re thinking: “Oh, come on, that’s hyperbole.”

Let me ask you this: Right now, there’s a serial bomber in Austin TX, who appears to be racially-motivated. What do you think the chances are that he’s a Trump supporter?

What do you think he’ll do if Trump is impeached?

What do you think he, & folks just like him, stoked up by constant lies from Trump & Fox News that there’s a “Deep State Conspiracy” against Trump, will do if they think that “Conspiracy” is moving towards its endgame?

If Trump fires Mueller, & the shit hits the fan, what do they do?

Do you REALLY think we’re not in the early days of a civil war ALREADY?

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