Weekly FAR WEST Update (Mea Culpa)

So yeah — I’m an idjit.

As those of you who follow on Twitter know, I got my ass kicked last week by a summer cold (as far as I’m concerned, there should be a law against catching colds in the summer — nothing more miserable).

I remembered to send an email to the rules group — but once I did that, I went back to being miserable, and completely forgot to post the update I’d planned for Friday.

Sorry about that.

Anyway — work continues. I’m still shaking off this damned cold, but I’m back in the office this morning. (The benefit of working from a home office is that I don’t have to worry about infecting any co-workers.)

On an inspirographical note — I’ve been taking in a bunch of Wuxia stuff over the past few months (via the DramaFever service I told you about a couple of weeks back), but pickings on the Western front have been slim. Do any of you have any suggestions for stuff in that vein, preferably available on Netflix or Amazon? Hit the comments below, or, as always, I can be reached via email or Twitter.

Back to it,

Gareth-Michael Skarka
Lawrence, Kansas
4 June 2018

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