Hrm. Apparently, some amateur astronomer has discovered what might be Earth’s third “moon”. I wasn’t even aware that we had two. Apparently, we do–the other was discovered in 86. How’d I miss that? In other space news, Buzz Aldrin decked a conspiracy theorist on the jaw, so things can’t be

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I’m going to avoid the whole September 11th thing for now. I lost friends last year, and I don’t want to speculate about what’s going to happen this time out, if anything. So, in the spirit of keeping my mind on other things….Hey, kids! Links! New pics of Nessie! Yeah,

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Just when I thought I was out… (Read the above with the requisite Al-Pacino-doing-Michael-Corleone-in-GODFATHER-III voice). For all of my grand pronouncements about getting out of the industry, it turns out that I might not be all that “out” after all. I’m not just referring to the last few bits of

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2 hours ago
...and they're still doing it. Note the NYT's regular dewey-eyed features on Trump voters. Note the refusal of ANY media outlet to flat-out state that Trump's blatant lies are lies.
4 hours ago
30 Day Song Challenge, Day 19 -- a song that's kinda folk: