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Insurgent Creative:  Shapeways

Insurgent Creative: Shapeways

3D printing is growing. You’ve probably seen it starting to get coverage in mainstream media — but that’s nothing like the storm that’s coming over the next 5 years. It’s going to replace unauthorized media downloads as the number one hot-button issue for corporate copyright panic. 3D models shared online

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Insurgent Creative:  Never Pay For Kickstarter Consulting

Insurgent Creative: Never Pay For Kickstarter Consulting

We’re witnessing the growth of a new market, drawn by the media attention given to high-profile crowdfunding success stories. With even non-tech Kickstarters (like plastic miniatures for tabletop gaming, for example) drawing several million dollars in funding, the inevitable gold rush has begun. Not the expected gold rush of prospective

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Insurgent Creative:  The Kickstarter Bulk Reward Ban

Insurgent Creative: The Kickstarter Bulk Reward Ban

There’s been a discussion recently, centered around a new project guideline enacted by Kickstarter, which now prohibits “rewards in bulk quantities.” Since a lot of projects in the hobby games industry had special “retailer tiers”, whereby local game stores could get in on a Kickstarter, there’s been a lot of

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  • Gareth M. Skarka"‚ÄčThe country is sitting on a powder keg right now." ,
  • Gareth M. SkarkaCall me crazy, but a studio wanting one of the world's biggest box-office stars fronting a monster movie? That's a good thing.,
  • Gareth M. SkarkaY'know what? I have no problem with Cruise fronting a Mummy remake. His films are entertaining, & it's an indication studio is A-listing.,

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