3 Replies to “The Latest in Screen-cleaning Technology….”

  1. Am I the only person on the planet that can’t get this thing to load on her computer? Someone please just tell me what the thing does! I’m dying of curiosity!

    Well, no not really, but I am a bit bored and wondering.

  2. It’s a Flash movie, featuring a kitty licking something off a sheet of glass, filmed from the other side. On a standard-sized monitor, it is life-sized, and looks like a cat inside your computer licking the screen.

    Again, it takes a long time to load, and you have to have the Flash plug-in.

  3. Ah. Cute! Wish I could see it. My computer seems to work with some flash stuff and not others. It appears that I am not fit to view cute kitty screen licking-ness. Alas.

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