Doctor Who, Three Episodes in….

Watched the third episode of the new series last night. Bloody hell was that good. Best yet….of course I’m a sucker for snowy Victorian streets and howling zombies, so there ya go.

This is the first of the episodes that was genuinely creepy, and hearkened back to my favorite period of the show — the more hammer-horror-influenced early Tom Baker seasons of the mid 70s.

The BBC has released pictures of the super-nifty boxed DVD set that will be released in the UK in November. I *must* track this down when it comes out:

The exterior packaging…

The interior packaging…

Thank god for a DVD player which is multi-region and converts PAL to NTSC signals.

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  1. I thought that it was interesting that they’re calling this “the first series” (I guess meaning an implicit “first series of the second incarnation”).

    I think it makes sense though. Since there was a 15 year gap, and this new version is quite different (new doctor, slightly more modern style, different format, with one-off 45 minute episodes) I guess people will think of this as the “first series”, the next one (perhaps with the bloke from Casanova) as the “second series” and so on.

  2. Thank god for a DVD player which is multi-region and converts PAL to NTSC signals.

    Heh, heh…I have one of those, too. Have yet to actually test out the PAL to NTSC conversion feature, but we shall see…

  3. But I also like how they’ve chucked in enough for old fans / those paying attention… specifically, the references to the destruction of Gallifrey and a Time War, in which the Doctor played some role he’s not too proud of.

    “I have no home…”
    “Yes, that was me, but I never meant any harm to you…”
    “I know who you are…”
    “Higher beings were drastically affected by the time war…”

  4. Ooh, my birthday in November … Ok, here’s a question for those Who fans with better memories than mine – there have been several references to a “big bad wolf” thus far – wasn’t there an old Who villain called Fenris or something similar?


  5. Oh come on…doesn’t the name “Rose” tell you what’s going on? Why do you think the doctor is grinning… and what big ears he has, even he’s commented…

  6. Yeah, it was from the final season episode “Curse of Fenric” — but I seriously doubt that Russell Davies is going to tie his entire season’s arc to a one-off villain from a season with abyssmally low viewing figures.

  7. Well, technically speaking it is a separate show, since it’s produced by a different company (BBC Wales, rather than the core BBC Drama Dept.).

  8. Hmm, I guess yr right – a McCoy one-off villain is definitely not turning up in this new Who. Funny, for some reason i associate the name Fenris with that early villain who was, IIRC, a ministry of defence computer or something in the post-office tower in London ….


  9. I believe it’s only produced by BBC Wales because the ridiculous departmental budget system introduced by John Birt inevitably means that BBC Wales and other small groups end up with massive amounts of surplus, whereas others are always tight.

  10. Haven’t gotten to the second episode yet. However, I didn’t know that it was destroyed before this show. The novels, maybe? Or is this a plot arc for this show?

  11. Ick: lot’s if hinted backstory in ep 2: yes, this was outlined in two separate, contradictory storylines in the books & audio stories for the Paul McGann Doctor, but these aren’t canon as goes the TV series: RTD has said he’ll not be actively contradicting anything that’s gone before, but neither will he feel constrained by it.

    There are hints that, yes, the Daleks may have something to do with it…

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