KCRF Cast List Posted

So, now the KCRF Cast List has been posted, and it’s just a matter of waiting to hear about the fate of the stage show.

I won’t be making any editorial comments about the cast list, since I don’t want to influence any decision about our stage show, and I see that already we’ve got representatives of the Entertainment Staff going out of their way to comment and “correct” people’s posted opinions in LiveJournals.

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  1. That’s the thing that pissed me off. It was in a friends-only post from , venting about a friend’s fate, and one of the “Street Group Leaders”/Apprentice Coordination Asst., who happens to be on the friends list, came in with “the Official Word”(tm). Multiple responses, even…really belaboring the point.

    I deleted a comment as a result, that I had originally made because of the relative safety of a “private” forum.

    Fucking IRRITATING.

  2. I have to admit that I was a bit surpised to see him there. Made me instantly regret posting what I had, since I’m sure it’s being breathlessly reported to his Betters. So, for the first time, I deleted a comment that I posted.

    Bugs me, because it makes me look like I don’t have the courage of my convictions, when the main reason I deleted it is because I don’t want to have something I’ve said used against , , or .

  3. By the way– He’s now deleted his posts, except for a “you think my opinions are worthless, Boo-friggity-hoo” epitaph, complete with a parting “I was there, you weren’t” claim of superiority.

    I couldn’t help responding. Enjoy.

  4. I really should un-friend him. But some of his posts make me chuckle.

    And I understand why you did. The politics game sucks.

    Only reason I have no shame is that I’m not affected by it at all. B/c I doubt that what I say will be remembered next year. And if it is… ::shrug:: My conscious is clear.

  5. I love you. I fucking love you.

    God I wish I wasn’t at work, I would be on the floor howling laughing right now.

  6. That is indeed irritating, in that was speaking in a forum she believed to be “safe space”. One might imagine she’ll at least set up a filter, from which the individual may be excluded.


    The fun never ends, when there is bullshit to be had in connection with that place, which is most unfortunate.


  7. Might I suggest creation of a specialized friends filter, populated only by people who understand what’s up, to be used in such circumstances.


  8. Awwwww, it makes me sad not to see it, as I’m sure you gave an approrpriate skewering.

    Unfortunately, one generally doesn’t understand the true transience of such a position, until it’s been yanked out from under them.


  9. I still say…

    they should have cast me as the Hunchback. I know I could sing the role. ;)

    Gareth, I love it when you skewer ;) I think. Okay, I’ve not seen it in action but I’ll bet it’s tremendous! Feel free to post a lock skewering of something…sometime :)

  10. Re: I still say…

    Okay, I’ve not seen it in action

    Check the post over at ‘s. I know you have access, since you alread posted there….

  11. *points and shouts*


    I could get a prosthesis. And maybe no one would notice the other hump…things.


  12. Ah…that’s why I pretty much have just kept my damn mouth shut thus far (except to over the phone and to Pete at work).

    Besides…Jim apparantly doesn’t need any real provocation to screw me over…the last 4 years are an example of that.

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