The Reason I’ve Been So Busy…..

Now that’s it’s officially announced, I can disclose why I’ve been so busy for the past week:

RPGNow is splitting into two sites, one for the top publishers, and one for the small-press/indy guys.

Adamant is #15 on the top publishers list, so we’ll be on the flagship site.

4 Replies to “The Reason I’ve Been So Busy…..”

  1. I don’t think the list has been finalized yet. RPGNow is combining the top 100 in sales and the top 100 in volume for the past 3 months (there’s naturally a lot of overlap), and making special exceptions for a small number of publishers below that cut for individual reasons (they’re obviously of top quality, but have only just started selling, for example)

  2. The publishers now know where they’re going, and the public will be able to check it out Real Soon.

    It’s been an Interesting process to watch.

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