Friday Music

Here we go again–

I noticed that the third single has been released from The Killer’s debut album, Hot Fuss, and I’m pleased to note that it’s my favorite song on the album: The Killers – “All These Things That I’ve Done.” “I’ve got soul, but I’m not a soldier….”

I’m surprised that I haven’t put more Radiohead up on my Friday Music posts. They’re one of my favorite bands…and my favorite album is, perhaps not surprisingly, the one that critics found to be their least accessable, Kid A, where they moved away from the guitar-heavy alternative sound and into more experimental electronic music. This is the lead-off track of that album: Radiohead – “Everything In Its Right Place.”

Something new: I discovered this band this week. They’re called The Fading Collection, a Seattle-based band that does synth-heavy electronic-rock kinda stuff that I like quite a bit. Check this out: The Fading Collection – “Windshield.”

Something old: Another track from the brilliant Curtis Mayfield, this time NOT off the soundtrack to Superfly. Great instrumentation, funky sound, and socially-conscious lyrics….so, pretty much par for the course: Curtis Mayfield – “Right On For The Darkness.”

Speaking of darkness…October is upon us, and that means that I get to immerse myself in the creepy! Lots of viewings of old Hammer movies, revelling in falling temperatures and the smell of dead leaves. Hell, yeah! Bring on my favorite month! Here’s a bit of monster-movie-cool from Rob Zombie – “Living Dead Girl.”

A few weeks ago, I posted something from the all-girl string quartet, Bond. Well, I’ve found another all-girl string quartet….this time from Slovenia. And, although they are perhaps not as glammed up as Bond, I think that I like their music more. They’ve got that eastern-European/Gypsy Violin sound, which they mix with a hipster groove. Nice. Rozmarinke – “Klise”

Lastly, I’ll play one of the artists that’s on my regular writing-background playlist: Seal. The man has a great voice, and every album is a showcase of tight production and wonderful composition. I have yet to be disappointed by any of his releases. This is a track from his 1994 self-titled album (one of several that he’s done…the man needs better album names, I’ll admit that): Seal – “Dreaming in Metaphors.”

Another week done.

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  1. I have bookmarked and found you from that LJ. How I ever found I don’t remember. I like to click on friends of friends of friends, etc. and just look around. When I find someone interesting I’ll bookmark them until I figure out if I wanna friend them or not. BTW, I’ve bookmarked you & hope you don’t mind.

    Also, your bio said you’re a writer. I’m really interested in writers because I’m a writer…well, I’m not a real writer “but that’s what I play on TV”.

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