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The Strongest Hurricane Ever Recorded

Hurricane Wilma is the strongest hurricane ever recorded, according the National Hurrican Center.

….and it’s currently in the Western Carribbean. When it moves into the Gulf of Mexico, it still has time before landfall to get even stronger.

But remember, kids: “The jury is still out” on Global Warming.

Casting Call

OK, I’m making this one Friends-only. Please be aware that this hasn’t been officially announced yet, so keep it mum for the time being.

In 2006, as a promotional tool for my company’s line of pulp-genre RPG products, Thrilling Tales, I will be producing a series of mp3 podcasts in the style of the classic pulp-era radio shows of the 30s and 40s. The show will be a serial adventure in audio format, broadcast in 10-minute weekly installments.

I will be needing voice actors for the series. To be eligible for a role, you need to fit one of these two conditions:

  • You must be able to digitally record your voice and send me the results as mp3 files, or
  • You must be able to come to Lawrence to have me record you.

The parts will be recorded separately, and mixed in studio, so it might be a little bit odd for those of you used to being able to play off other actor’s performances. We’ll probably do a read-through of the script with the local folks, so that I can give direction, but the actual recording will be done as singles.

This will be a paid gig. Not sure of the amount just yet (trying to suss that bit out, since the product itself will be free….although it will be a promotional item for commercial products).

Anybody interested?