Life Update

General update of stuff going on…

With Samhain on Monday, I took the first step today in my plan for the coming year: the complete overhaul and from-the-keel-up refit of my body. I went to the dentist, and began what will, unfortunately, be a long series of visits to take care of all of the work I need done. I’ve let it go far too long. First thing on the schedule that we worked out today: A surgical extraction of a molar, on November 8th. After that, I probably have a couple of root canals and a few general fillings to get done as well. The teeth and the weight….that’s my focus for the year.

Heard from my mother earlier this week that my grandmother is being released from the hospital and sent home into hospice care, because there’s nothing more that can be done. She had a series of heart attacks and strokes over the past three years, and so, essentially, it’s like she’s gone already….but it’s hitting me pretty hard. My grandmother is a huge part of why I’m a writer. She recognized my interests early, and did everything she could to feed those interests every chance she got. She’s in her 80s now, and she sure as hell wouldn’t want to keep going like a shadow of herself, unable to even communicate. I said my goodbyes the last time I saw her (right before we moved back here), but it’s going to hurt not being able to make it back one last time.

Is there anything social going on this weekend, either secular or Samhain-related? Drop me a line if so….I could certainly use the distraction.

It’s been a long time since I’ve done anything to observe Samhain…I want to do something this year, though, as I’ve been feeling removed from my faith, and I need to recharge.

In happier news, in the mail yesterday I received an advance proof copy of ‘s debut novel, “The Lies of Locke Lamora”, which is coming out soon in the UK (and “already sold in a major deal to Bantam books in the US”, or so it informs me on the back cover). Not only am I eager to begin reading, but it’s also lighting a fire under my ass to get something done and sold.