KCRF Fifth Weekend: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

The Good:

  • . It’s been a very long time since I’ve performed with someone who gives so much to a show. Not only does he literally throw himself around, but his energy is infectous (ewww….), and the rest of us are uplifted by it. The wine wenches across from the Pub, apparently, have dubbed him The Boy Who Falls Down A Lot. I prefer to think of him as The Boy Who Keeps Us Interested In The Show.
  • Great audiences this weekend. Not a dead crowd in the bunch, and we were really packin’ them in, too. Especially nice was the pub show this weekend, where the fact that we’d be followed immediately by and her fellow belly-dancers made for HUGE crowds. Hell, we had a large crowd at our Mermaid Stage show on Saturday, and when it started downpouring, only about 2/3 of them ran for cover. The rest STAYED.
  • Going out to dinner on Saturday night for Italian with , et. al. As I said then, it was the first time that she had come out for dinner, and bluntly, she could have suggested that we go to Sonic and I’d have been there, for the company alone. The fact that it was tasty post-rain comfort food was a HUGE plus.
  • On Saturday, I made it over to the lanes by T’gers to witness the much-vaunted Strumpet Nibblies and “Muerte and Chuy’s Story Time.” Really nice to get to other parts of the Festival.
  • giving me a stern talking-to at closing cannon, about taking care of myself, so I can keep doing this. Blunt, unflinching, and motivated by caring….in short, everything she is.

The Bad:

  • Apparently over-did it on Saturday, exacerbated by the cold rain late in the day. OW. PAIN. This is really very frustrating, because I want to wander the site, interacting with other characters, seeing other things, being a full participant in the experience. But no, I have to sit between shows, otherwise I’m just in too much pain. I know that a lot of this could be reduced by dropping at least 50 pounds off my fat ass…and preferably 100. I need to do that. It’s not just the weight, though…I’ll eventually need to see a specialist of some sort, and may even need corrective surgery. However, the total lack of insurance on my part makes that pretty much impossible right now.
  • Yet again, our name and time didn’t appear on the sign at Crown & Rose, until I fixed it myself.
  • The geniuses-that-be have us performing all of our shows within a stones throw….Crown & Rose, Gallows, Pub and Mermaid. So much for getting to sample audiences from other parts of the Festival. We spend most of our time in one area.
  • Especially annoying is our 1:30 show at the Gallows, which occurs literally right across from the Lord Mayor’s Company, performing another Shakespeare-based comedy show, on the Crown & Rose, starting at EXACTLY THE SAME FUCKING TIME. *sigh*
  • doesn’t come out and play often enough. Boo.

The Ugly:

  • Experienced (20+ year) performers being given admonitions for being “too bawdy” in the lanes. Apparently, the Master Slaver balancing his feather-staff on his head, and using it to hook the basket on the head of a rose-wench was “too suggestive” for the opening gate. You’ve got to be fucking kidding me.