No-talent Asshat Takes It Up A Notch…

So, the motherfucker I was referring to in my post earlier today?

He’s taken it up a notch.

Now, not only are his products different because they’re not racist….but by implication, I am.:

From the same thread linked earlier:

“Maybe racist is the the right word for some attitudes in pulp, minorites and women were not equal to white males in the genre at all. And that is not cool.

And yes there are a lot of people who go around and use it, that is their choice”

Pretty obvious that I’m one of the “people who go around and use it.”

I liked this prick better when he was a wanna-be hanging around our booth at GenCon 2000. He was still annoying, but far less offensive.

Special Announcement: No Friday Music This Week

Given the fact that Thanksgiving is Thursday, I will not be doing a Friday Music post this week, since most of you won’t be at work, needing to rock out at your PCs.


This week and this week only, I will instead do a special WEDNESDAY MUSIC post!

….and no, it will not be Thanksgiving-themed. So don’t even ask.