Teh SuXx0rz that is This Weekend

So, finally got my once-a-month paycheck yesterday, from November’s sales. Also got my once-every-three-months consultant contract payment.

So, in the realm of good: Ka-Fucking-CHING.

In the realm of Teh Suck: Almost every bit of Christmas shopping that I have to do will need to be done this weekend. Saturday, to be specific.

I suspect that by Saturday night, and I will be about ready to climb a tower with a rifle. Anybody want to do something, to prevent the disaster?

6 Replies to “Teh SuXx0rz that is This Weekend”

  1. My advice…is to NOT call our store wanting us to find books for you, ring them up, and then ship them to your house. That would force Mike and I to come slaughter you both…but we’d wait until after New Years so you still have to deal with the torture of family for the next couple of weeks. Muah ha ha…

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