Bush Admits It

Bush admits to wiretaps on Americans, without warrants.

Of course, he has the balls to be outraged about the leak, rather than the illegal wiretaps.

I just cant wait to hear how Conservatives will bend over backwards to justify this latest crime.

Of course, the “liberal media” sat on this story for over a year, at the White House’s command. If this had broken at the original time, the criminal would have lost the election.

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  1. I have to say that this issue bothers me. But what if it stops a 9/11 attack? Is it worth 3000 lives? Is it worth 10,000? What about 1000? I can see the justification for it, but it becomes a slippery slope.

    I’m not sure it would have lost him the election though. Bush’s highest ratings are on security and this is toward that end. I think that right now most Americans would prefer this to another terrorist attack. My guess is a year ago this would only have stirred up the people who would have voted against Bush anyway.

  2. But what if it stops a 9/11 attack?

    I’m sorry…but as someone who actually lost friends in the 9/11 attacks, that tactic not only will not work on me, but really fucking pisses me off.

    The simple fact of the matter is that there is NO stopping a dedicated fanatic. You cannot protect yourself against someone who is willing to die.

    Unfortunately, a lot of the sheep in this country, who didn’t actually have people they know die, are too fucking stupid to realize that, and will believe it when motherfuckers use a tragedy to excuse their raping of this country and the Constitution.

  3. OK, I didn’t come out like some kind of ideologue on the issue, simply stated my concern, the difficulty I see in framing the issue and what I see as how main street America will look at the issues.

    This is what you come back with? First you presume whether or not I knew anyone in the 9/11 attacks, second you attack me, third you chose not to have a reasoned discussion.

    No worries, I’ll defer to responding to you in the future. Good luck with any position you may hold on any issue. You’re welcome to it but I see no chance that you can actually convince anyone to see things your way.

    Sorry I responded to your post.

  4. If this had broken at the original time, the criminal would have lost the election.

    I doubt it. For a number of reasons. Number one being: Americans are fucking stupid. Number two: Don’t you think he did?


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