Something I’m kinda proud of….

My company is now trying out a new category of product: desktop video.

Here’s the press release:

Click on cover image for product info.

Adamant Entertainment, the first name in Pulp D20, brings back the excitement of yesteryear, when a quarter could buy you an afternoon’s entertainment at the local movie house. Along with up to two feature films, you’d get a newsreel, half a dozen cartoons, a two-reel short film, and, of course, the cliffhanger adventure serial.

Now, we’ve brought the serial to your desktop.

Every week, Thrilling Tales Theatre will bring you another exciting chapter in our current serial, along with a PDF detailing items, situations and characters from that week’s chapter, for use in Thrilling Tales or any other d20 Pulp campaign.

This Week:
Radar Men From The Moon
Chapter One: Moon Rocket

Rocket Ranger Commando Cody begins his struggle against invasion from the Moon!

Included in this product:

  • A video file of Chapter One: Moon Rocket, in mp4 format (playable with QuickTime from Apple — available by clicking the link).
  • A 6 page PDF detailing equipment and weapons seen in this chapter, usable in any d20 pulp campaign.
  • A special bonus: A copy of Advanced Class: Rocket Ranger, a class appropriate to this serial!

Watch for new Chapters every week, and new serials all year long!


So, every week, I’ll be releasing a new serial chapter, along with a PDF of material from that chapter statted up for use in d20 pulp games. I’ll be interested to see how this performs….personally, I think it’s a helluva nifty idea. We’ll see if the gamers agree.

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  1. Commander Cody!

    It sounds like an interesting idea. So it’s a copy of first chapter of the original serial, which I assume is now in the public domain.


    Atomfilms has sort a dubbed parody of that chapter here.

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