Game Industry readers: Going to GTS?

This one is primarily for the Game Industry folks who read my LJ…and specifically those that will be in Vegas in March.

I’ve picked up my plane tickets, so that’s all set….but right now, to cut costs, I’m looking for someone to room with. I’m flying in early Tuesday morning (March14), and flying out very early Friday morning (March 17th)…so I just need a room for Tuesday night and Wednesday night. I doubt I’ll sleep at all on Thursday night, since I’m leaving so early on Friday.

So, if you’ve got a spare bed, or even some floor space, and wouldn’t mind a roommate, drop me a comment or send email to the usual address.

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  1. Sorry, amigo–for the first time in at least five years I’m not going. Can’t really leave the wife alone with both kids for that long, and be that far away if she needs me, when I don’t really need to go (no new Clockworks books, people to rep whatever else I’ve done lately, and no seminars to run).

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