They say that this is unhappiest day of the year.

Not too sure about that, but I’m definitely ill-at-ease.

I’ve been busy as hell today…tons of stuff is piling up, work-wise, and it’s all leading to a mental logjam. Which is bad, because I really need to get more done on the novel, since Thursday is the deadline for sending pages out to the writing group. *sigh*

Seems like every time I get a moment to work on it, something pops up that I need to deal with, either Adamant-related, or as part of my consultancy gig with RPGNow. Today, all of a sudden, negotiations between Adamant and another company resumed, when I had already written off their lack of communication as disinterest. Could be very….Shiny. (dead giveaway, that).

I need Mexican food. Right the hell now.

7 Replies to “BLEAH.”

  1. I think they’re full of shit. I’ve had a great day. Course the new goth-look me might have something to do with it. Feelin’ Hottie today. That always brings me up.

  2. Well there’s only one thing that uses the word “shiny” (apart from me, of course), and there’s already a licensed property for that. So here’s hoping you get to do some official releases for it cos it needs all the support it can get!

  3. Sorry to hear work is getting in the way of real life, amigo. I hate it when it does that. :)

    Seriously, it’s good that work is busy, and good luck with that negotiation (Hell, call me if you get it–I’d give eyeteeth to work on that. Not mine, you understand, but I’ll scrounge some up in the subway somewhere.).

    You should pick a time during the day and tell yourself you’re not going to do anything but work on the novel during that time–make it a reward for getting other stuff done, or incentive to do the rest afterward, or whatever. That’s my suggestion, anyway. I have to do the same thing when I write, though typically it’s spending time with the wife and kiddies that I force myself to set aside long enough to churn out my daily allotment.

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