Catch-All Update

I was feeling sick and run-down yesterday (and as recently as this morning), so I slept in until noon. I feel much better now.

Not everything is Roses, though….The first email I read today informed me that Steve Haight, one of the regulars of my gaming group in college, died in a car accident this weekend. I hadn’t seen or talked to him in about 10 years, but it hit pretty hard nonetheless.

Moving on to less weighty matters:

I have a new desktop wallpaper — sent me a full-sized image of his version of the Icarus logo, which he had posted to the comments of my last entry. Woot!

Work on the novel continues. I’m purposefully not giving it a title yet, because the minute I give it a title, I start thinking in terms of marketing and branding….right now, I want to concentrate on writing the damned thing. Copies of the first batch of pages will be going out to writing group folks on Thursday.

A fellow publisher, Expeditious Retreat Press, has signed a license with the guys who did the “Fear of Girls” film, and they’ll be releasing the adventure The Pleasure Prison of the Bthuvian Demon Whore soon. Brilliant….wish I had thought of it.

12 Replies to “Catch-All Update”

  1. that’s hilarious, regarding the Pleasure Prison.

    I hope you let Laura watch that!

    I’m working on the novel myself. sigh. it’s going a lot better than last week, though. revisions be damned!!!

  2. Ah. I knew of KUGAR, but unfortunately lived 30 miles off-campus and worked 2 jobs at the time. Luckily the O-SO-GOOD (Olathe Society Of Gamers Or Original Dungeoneers) was going strong.

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