The Madness of King George

LINE ITEM VETO? Did that motherfucker say he’s going after a Line Item Veto?

That’s it, folks. Welcome to the new Monarchy. Massive executive authority in the hands of one man.

Why should this bit in particular chill you to the bone?

Take this example: A bill on topic X is passed, with a handful of Democratic proposals included as a bi-partisan measure to get the needed votes to pass. The bill gets on Bush’s desk. Bush croses out all the Democratic parts of the bill, then signs it into law.

He gets an Editor’s pen on ANY bill crossing his desk.

Jesus Fucking Christ.

Vote this year. Give this country a Democrat-controlled Congress, and maybe, JUST maybe, we can get this lunatic out of our lives.

EDIT: To head off the inevitable arguments from the Conservative Asshats who love to make unwelcome comments on this LJ: Yes, I know Clinton had Line Item Veto in 96. I was against it then, too….and was relieved when the Supreme Court ruled it Unconstitutional in 98. However, we all know that Alito and his buddies won’t say no to the King, now don’t we…..

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  1. Except that I think it would still be unconstitutional, if I remember what the constitution actually as to say about the process of veto…

    What a fucker. And it is going to get worse before it gets better. Much worse.


  2. His days are numbered

    I am normally not Mary Frickin’ Sunshine, but the wheels are already turning for 2008. The line-item veto is a non-issue. I am sure he wants a pony and a new fscking pair brass balls; but he won’t get them. By August the Presidential race will have, and he will have to shut up or he will get pilloried by the Republicans who are running for office.

    Meanwhile the left has one bright hope. Say it with me…


    No, he won’t win the nomination, but I think he has the power to change the discourse in the American Presidential race.

  3. On my way to class Monday ngith I passed a car that had a Fuck Bush bumpersticker on it. You could just barely make out what it said through the orange spray paint someone had sprayed all over it, and was also dripping all the way down the bumper. It’s almost like he’s got an army of little hoodlums working for him to supress individual rights now too. Like the FootClan…yeah that’s it…he’s like Shredder…where are those damned turtles when you nee them?

  4. Prior ruling was 6-3:

    “Stevens was joined in his opinion by Chief Justice William Rehnquist and Justices Anthony Kennedy, David Souter, Clarence Thomas and Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

    Justices Antonin Scalia, Sandra Day O’Connor and Stephen Breyer dissented.”

    If you assume that Roberts “reverses” Rehnquist’s position and flips in favor of the LIV (which would be unusual since Roberts follows Rehnquists philosophy), and Alito votes in favor (no net gain, since S.D. voted that way before) then it’s still 5-4 against.

    /conservative asshat

  5. Your graphic about the madness of King George says it all. Except that (supposedly) a majority of asshat Americans who voted, voted for him. So that makes this an insane country.

    No wonder so many people around the world hate and fear us. Gee-zus, look at the ruler we’ve given ourselves!

  6. Not much to say about your country’s politics that hasn’t been said before.

    I do want to mention that that photo-shop & that title gave me my first, and best, laugh of the morning. And for that, I salute you.


  7. Y’know, during the last presidential-election time, I was working late at the university. I went out to ride my scooter home at around midnight, and noted the pro-Bush, anti-liberal graffitti that had been applied to every flat surface. Coincidentally, my scooter had been thrown over a railing, 10 feet down a stairwell, where it lay rather broken-up.

    Coincidence? I think not. I think people who vote for this evil man don’t care about their fellow Americans; they care only for themselves – or the fantasy of themselves that Republicans like to promote. I mean, why else would middle-class or poor folks vote for this dictator?

  8. The commentary on NPR that got me was some woman saying that she supported wire tapping, because she was in NY during 9-11, and thought that it would have caught the terrorists, had it been in place, prior.

    Hello! Nobody said he shouldn’t wiretap. We said he should’t break the damn law to do so!

  9. “the Conservative Asshats who love to make unwelcome comments on this LJ”

    Seriously dude.

    As passtionate as you seem to be on the subject of politics and George W Bush to insult or spit scorn onto a section of our population is just wrong.

    If you want a certain opinion or state of political flavor only posting to your website then you should make that clear. I respect your ability to make roleplaying games and I enjoy your LJ when I can. That being said if my political leanings are enough to earn ridicule on this board then I should think there is nothing worthwhile here to read about. If people can agree to disagree then this would be a much better world.

    Now as to the particalur issue above. There is much to dislike in giving any president line item veto. However it would help stop the stupid “paperclip” admendments that keep getting attached to bills that cross the presidents desk. That sort of abuse needs to be stopped, however I am still not in favor of Line item veto.

    As for the “Elect Democrats in 08” I am afraid you are not going to see any more democrats in office, espcially not the president. In my humble opinion, the public view of democrats is that they want to give away our country. Give to forgien lands, give to the poor, give to public welfare programs. As cold as this is to say the fact is most people I speak to don’t like Democrats or Liberals cause everytime they see one on TV they are giving something away or pitching a whiny fit about something George Wubbah did. Hell Kerry’s platform as clear as I could make it out was “George is going to screw up”.

    He may have been right or not but I never heard him say one thing we would have done had he been elected.

    Now I may be wrong in what I am saying but I am not being abusive about it and I would hope that a person expressing their opinion isn’t enough to be labeled an Asshat.

  10. That being said if my political leanings are enough to earn ridicule on this board then I should think there is nothing worthwhile here to read about.

    Bye-bye, then. I didn’t invite you, and don’t know you.

  11. If people can agree to disagree then this would be a much better world.

    It’s funny how, in my experience “agreeing to disagree” always means an infringement on my rights by your side. “Agree to disagree” has become a Rethug code for, “Suck it up, you lost. But let’s still be friends, OK?”

    Sorry man, I don’t buy it. I would like very much for things to remain cordial, because I do enjoy your presence in my game, but honestly, you’re not making that easy when you show up in the LJ of a friend of mine with much longer tenure than our acquaintance and start doing the equivalent of putting your feet on the furniture and arguing with the host.

    Let me make this clearer: Gareth is a friend of mine. Not an imaginary internet pal or a game designer whose work I admire (I do, but that’s beside the point). He’s a flesh and blood friend who I would give the shirt off my back if he needed it for, I don’t know, a headscarf or something, because the man’s freakin’ immense and my shirts would not fit him.

    So, in the interest of harmony, I’d ask you to consider your actions.

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