More Fun With Amateur Dipshits

Ah, the joys of being a target.

Haven’t had any further problems with Louis Porter, ever since RPGNow booted him, so I guess it was only a matter of time before another asstard rose to take his place.

Who’s our next lucky contestant: The Le Games.

That’s pronounced “Tay Lay” — apparently his name….and an example of the sort of amateur we’re dealing with here. Who gives a shit if that’s how your name is pronounced? It looks like you’ve named your company “The The Games”, and unless you’re handing out explanations and pronounciation guides with every bit of marketing you send out, it’s a bad idea to cause that much confusion over something as simple as your company name….but I digress.

Yes, folks….The Le is the brilliant “company” who thinks that to stand out, he should advertise with T&A (as commented on in Nicole Lindroos’ journal.) His response, when several publishers expressed distaste over catering to the stereotype of gaming as a club for sexually-stunted boys, was to claim that we all were obviously “jealous.”

I made a crack about how he caught us….we must be jealous of a few-hundred-dollar-a-month company.

This lead to a scathing private email from him. — and an email sent to RPGNow trying to get me fired from my freelance gig handling customer service — for disclosing his numbers in public. Apparently, my insult was TRUE, and he thought I had looked up his sales and publicized them.

Since then, I have since discovered that this chucklehead has been looking for violations of RPGNow policy committed by my company….I mean really digging. He found something, and proceeded to spam a number of other publishers, and insinuate that I’m getting away with stuff because of my relationship with RPGNow. Several of these publishers did the right thing, and contacted me about it. I notified RPGNow about the smear campaign, and fired off an email to The Le, telling him that if he has a problem, he should come to me directly.

His response? Whine about it on a public forum.

Looks like I’ve attracted another dipshit, who has decided to fixate on me. Joy.